Quilts and pillows

A. Quilt, someone also calls it duvet.    There are many types of filling for the quilts: wool, down, silk, imitation down, cotton, polyester, etc.. The genus wool quilt is the most expensive. And down are divided into white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, and gray duck down; the genus white goose down is the most expensive. Among them, white is divided into pure white and ordinary white. The composition is down + feather. Conventional ratio: 90% down + 10% feather; 70% down + 30% feather; 50% down + 50% feather,  30% down + 70% feather, etc. The fabrics are mostly down-like fabrics, the conventional ones are 133*100, 140*120, the more down, the softer it is.

The size of the quilt is added 30cm on the left and right and bottom of the mattress. The filling thickness varies according to region, season and climate. Most are 250gsm, 300gsm and 360gsm. The filling is fixed in the fabric by quilting.

B. Pillow. The fabric and filling of the pillow are often the same as the quilt. The size varies from country to country, most of which are 43*75CM and 50*80CM. The filling weight is usually 1000g and 1200G, and the weight can be added or reduced freely. The pillows are mostly square, and the filling is generally 500G. Quotation: fabric, filling weight and type, size.

Post time: Dec-23-2020

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