4 Types of Mattress Protectors

Mattress protector is used to protect the mattress between the mattress and the bed sheet.

There are four common styles of mattress protectors

1) Four-cornner with elastic type: just four strong elastic bands sewing on four corners and usualy it’ts filling with 120gsm or 140gsm polyester. It can be waterproof or non-waterproof.

2) Fitted sheet style. with skirts and small elastic band all around. Usualy it’ts filling with 120gsm or 140gsm polyester as well. It can be waterproof or non-waterproof.

3) Down filling type. also call aattress pad/ mattress topper, it is filled with a large amount of down and feathers to make a three-dimensional protective pad. It’s with highest cost.

4) Non-filling waterproof mattress protector type, also called waterproof fitted sheet or water-proof mattress cover.

Mattress protectors are used to prevent insects, mites, etc.

Quotation factors: fabric, filling weight, size, style, etc.

Post time: Dec-15-2020

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